Our Mission is to make sure that young people, unsure of what direction to take, are made aware of all the positive options available to them. 

Kids At Crossroads provides youth at risk a chance to build confidence and self-esteem along with common sense and life skills.


Full and half day "In Service" training events for teachers and educators.

Motivating and training for associates working directly with, or administrating,  teachers.

Counseling and personal training for teachers and youth workers. 

We are dedicated to providing a positive road map for guiding youth at risk through the dangerous environment that faces them at every turn.  We offer a safe and non-judgmental program.  Our only competition is the temptations of the streets: violence, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, gangs, ignorance and apathy.  We guarantee that we won't be able to reach everyone we try to help, but we guarantee that we will try like no one else.  We've been doing this long enough to realize that we won't connect with every youth we come into contact with.  However, our track record is one of which we are extremely proud. 
Steve works with you in establishing the right approach for your situation. Many years of classroom work, business administration and street savvy combine to help you find which solution works for yourself or your teachers. He is available to do "In Service" training events, as well as working one on one in a classroom environment for consultation and coaching. You will notice at least a 20% increase in effectiveness in just one session using some simple skills and techniques Steve has developed. These techniques work in some of the most difficult schools with some of the most challenging students. 
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Steve Fleisher
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