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About the Program

Programs are designed to build self-confidence and to help youth at risk explore options that will result in a positive outcome.  Many times a young person will act without thinking.  This we know is dangerous and even deadly.  Peer pressure is so strong today that our youth must have this road map that includes independent thinking and exploring positive outcomes.

  • Expected results for the young people and the adults with whom they interact:
  • A safe haven for breaking down negative walls built up over time.
  • Building up core values necessary to become a better and more productive individual.
  • Respect for self and others and their property.
  • Less bullying and violence.
  • Better attendance at school or work, less injuries and an environment conducive to learning.
  • More awareness of all the dangers that are at the crossroads (smoking, graffiti, drugs, alcohol, STD's, death by violence, incarceration, etc.). 


What schools can expect with the implementation of this program:

  • Reduce tension between racial and ethnic students, and emphasize similarities rather than differences.
  • Explore the dangers in verbal tauntings/teasings and how easily words can lead to physical confrontation.
  • Create alternatives for repeat offenders (we must explore why the same kids are repeating the same mistakes).
  • Provide a forum for those students who feel estranged and disenfranchised from the student body, from their peers and from their families.
  • Offer a source of mediation between bickering students or factions that currently doesn't exist (different from the current Alternative Learning Centers).
  • Pro-active 'reaching out' to individual students who are potential 'powder kegs' by getting to know them before a problem arises. 

The program can be presented in its introductory phase in a special assembly, and also a half-day, full-day or week-long program depending on how extensive the need. Teachers and staff can be trained in order to facilitate and keep the concepts working.

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