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Steve was one of this year's recipients of the 14th annual Fatherhood Awards. This is one of the highest honors bestowed by the city of Philadelphia on leaders, mentors, teachers, community and religious figures who make outstanding lifetime accomplishments to help the youth of the city. This most coveted award receives hundreds of applicants each year who have sacrificed to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their community.

Please watch the video to the right as Steve humbly accepts this much deserved recognition for his 30 plus years of dedicated service to youth at risk. You can also learn more about it HERE

Kids At Crossroads

Mr. Frank Talent,  Pennsylvania State Athletic Commissioner, visited the kids recently. After presenting his moving and inspiring story of how his life began in an orphanage in Philadelphia, he then invited the kids to be his special guests at The Arena for a Sunday of Wrestling. Our kids were treated to pizza, soda, prizes and they were announced on the loudspeaker to the whole arena. We sat in Mr. Talent's private box, and then he took us all backstage to meet the pro wrestlers during intermission. Special thanks to Mr. Frank Talent for his generousity 

You can view the Public Record Newspaper articleHERE
We Can Shine 
We would like to thank all our sponsors for the tremendous success of this year's program. The kids learned CPR from the Red Cross, as well as inspiring life skills from our many guest speakers.

You can view the pictures from the event in our slide show gallery

You can view the Spirit Newspaper article

Thank You All!


We Can Shine Documentary

This film is in the process of being edited.

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