There are moments in the lives of youth at risk where direct and immediate intervention is needed. Steve Fleisher has designed a crisis intervention approach which is very effective and very affordable. It is not dependent on long counseling sessions and therapy within the family (although these can be recommended). His approach is to help the youth and family recognize the immediate choices in front of them, and encourage them to make the right ones insuring the most successful and positive outcome.

Steve's many years of successful classroom experience can assit you as you develop as a teacher, or for in school teaching programs and personal coaching. Steve is especially gifted with disciplinary problems. He has worked in disciplinary schools and inner city enviroments for most of his distinguished career. He is available for personal coaching at your home, or to come into the classroom right along side you to demonstrate his remarkably successful techinques. These are not hard to learn or master and after a few sessions you will notice clasroom behavior improving dramatically while you as an educator can move along with lessons and education. He can show you how to turn your most frustrating distractions to your advantage.

We provide ongoing support and encouragement throughout life's difficult crossroads. Utilizing community groups and a network of caring community supporters we try to find jobs, training  and educational opportunities for youth at risk. If you would like to be a mentor or help sponsor one of our programs,  please contact us.

Child Advocacy
There are moments in life where children and their parents feel as if their choices are being limited by the system. Perhaps a child is being unfairly transferred to a different school and deserves a second chance, or maybe the child needs a transfer and cannot secure one. Sometimes there are difficulties in communication with a particular teacher, or school administration which can be aided by a mediator. Mr. Fleisher understands the workings of the system and can help childen from getting lost in complex decisions and negotiations.

We provide a few references here online. Many more are available upon request.

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