Introducing Steve Fleisher

Steve Fleisher is available for private
and group consultations, and training sessions for teachers, youth workers and parents. He is also available for groups of all kinds as a speaker and motivator, as well as private counseling and mentoring for youth at risk.


All of us come to 'the crossroads' at different times in our lives.  When you're young these intersections are even more confusing and dangerous.  The purpose of this program is to equip young people with the skills they need to make smart decisions concerning which roads to take.
Many times there are factors missing from a young person's equation:  lack of parental involvement, lack of self-confidence and in many instances lack of experience.
Regarding education, as important as the 'core curriculum' is, we also have to address the 'crossroads issue'. 
Look at the newspaper headlines: we are at once reminded of how our young people are no strangers to violence, murder and the shattering of lives that follows. 
Realizing that 'discipline schools' are one avenue of dealing with youth at risk, we must also be realistic and recognize that there are still many students 'not bad enough for discipline schools', yet disruptive to 'normal' school staff and students.
Every one of these kids is adding gray hairs to staff and instilling fear and discomfort in the students who are their victims.
What can we do?  Teachers and staff can recommend that both the instigators and the victims attend this program.  (You guys know who the players are, but with everything else you are responsible for, you don't have the time to constantly sort these problems out in the classroom.)
When I meet with these young people and assess their situations, I will put together a road map that will help them find an easier path through the crossroads.  By having an empathetic adult take time to hear their problems, kids will see options that were not obvious before.


About Steve Fleisher
Steve is a product of the City of Philadelphia public schools, Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University. As a graduate of Temple University and a state-certified public school teacher, he is currently employed by the School District of Philadelphia.  He has passed all background checks given by the FBI, State Police, etc.
He has continued his post-graduate education with numerous seminars, classes, symposia and professional development courses.   Steve's experience is not limited to the pedagogical arena; many years were spent in the business world. 

He has spent the last 27 years working with 'youth at risk' throughout the City of Philadelphia.  Between his time as a teacher and as a volunteer with PAL (Police Athletic League), Smokin' Joe Frazier's Boxing Gym and other community-based youth groups, he has garnered invaluable experience working with young people.

He has developed and implemented a highly successful Conflict Resolution Program at Shallcross Remedial Disciplinary School and Penn treaty Middle Schoole.  The results of his program were reduced violence in hallways, classrooms and before/after school; greater respect for students and staff; heightened awareness of the dangers of guns, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure and bullying.

If you feel that you can use his background and experience to improve your school, family, neighborhood, or organizational climate and to train your staff in these issues, he can meet with you at your earliest convenience.

Attention Parents:  If you are concerned that your child may be 'at risk', please call Steve today to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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Steve Fleisher
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